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Adoration Abode is a 501-C3 organization bridging resources to those that need them.  From providing transitional housing, "House of Hope", supplementing a family's food resources from Geno's Pantry, to a home cooked meal, "Meal of Hope", to fellowship and a sense of community at " The Hope Outreach Center" and the newly renovated "Hope Event Center"; together we can meet the needs of our community.

Extensions of help and hope are also provided through the J1 Hope outreach program helping assist foreign students who come to the states to work in the J1 Visa Program.  Adoration Abode provides resources, mentorship, and food.

Adoration Abode's newest extension of hope comes through the formation of

Wisconsin Christian Leaders Co-alition . A group of leaders uniting to maintain and preserve

chore values and Christian liberties in our state.

We believe every person has value and a purpose. 

Helping each other along the way should be a part of everyone's journey.

Our Mission

Adoration Abode exists to:
* facilitate a healthy community by assisting in physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

* protect, preserve, and promote independence.
*advocate and unite leadership for growth, development, constitutional and biblical preservation.

Our Mission
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We Need Your Support Today!

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