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Pray Without Ceasing. By Dr. Dave Madenberg

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

So, WHY do Christians pray?  WHAT is the purpose of prayer? WHY should we pray without ceasing? 1Thes 5:17 In a nutshell: TO GROW OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD! -Studying God's Word: is how we learn what God expects of us. -Praying to God: is how we speak to Him and listen for His voice. This process of talking to God, listening for His voice and reading His Word is how we spend quality time with our Heavenly Father.

How else do we get to know PEOPLE and solidify relationships? A) By learning what that person likes or dislikes and what that person expects of us. B) By learning to recognize the other person's voice, though he or she may not be in our presence. So, then, what does it mean to 'Pray without ceasing?' Barry C. Black, former Navy rear admiral and chaplain of the US Senate, writes in a 2018 article for the Washington Post, a description of what it means to pray without ceasing: "The Greek word for 'without ceasing' in 1 Thessalonian 5:17 is adialeiptos, which doesn't mean nonstop — but actually means constantly recurring. In other words, we can punctuate our moments with intervals of recurring prayer." "Emerson made the following observation in his writing, 'The Value of Sparrows': “It is not only when we audibly and in form, address our petitions to the Deity that we pray. We pray without ceasing. Every secret wish is a prayer. Every house is a church; th