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 “Stand For The Flag” is the title cut brand new powerhouse anthem sung by Grammy nominee Gordon Mote. Written by Gene Schmidt and Gary Forsythe, this new song will endear listeners’ hearts to respect our greatest symbol of freedom, the American flag. It was written in honor of all that our flag represents, and intended as a musical tribute to the brave soldiers in our military, both past and present, who've sacrificed their hearts, comforts, families and, in some cases, their very lives, to protect the freedoms we enjoy every day.  

Songwriter and military Veteran Gene Schmidt (Watertown, WI) says it was seeing a flag draped casket coming off a plane at Dover Air Force Base, while the fallen soldier's wife hugged the casket in tears, that inspired this new song. He is a father of 3 Air Force sons, and has been writing songs to promote causes around the world; from the anthem “Not in Our Town”, a song that exposes the evils of human sex trafficking, to his anthem “Heart to the Homeless” that brings the plight of the homeless to the national stage. Schmidt felt that it was time to remember the fallen, honor the brave, and remind us all to respect our flag by standing when our national anthem is played.

Co-writer and award-winning songwriter-producer Gary Forsythe (Nashville, TN) also has a deep connection to veterans and the military, growing up with his father who fought in the second World War, and who actually walked up the very shores of Normandy in the third wave of the D-Day invasion. One of Gary’s most treasured possessions is the one remaining military photograph of his uncle, Delbert Forsythe, a P51 fighter pilot who died in that very same war.  Musically, Gary has had songs published and recorded through Brentwood/Benson Music, in the independent film “8 Days”, and through his own label, CollisionPoint Publishing.

The piano artistry of Gordon Mote can be heard on the recordings of Bill Gaither, Alan Jackson, Trisha Yearwood, Brad Paisley, Lee Greenwood, Willie Nelson and Rascal Flatts, just to name a few. Despite being born blind, Mote began playing the piano as a young child and was soon adept at the instrument. His religious upbringing meant he was a regular at church, playing keyboards and singing as part of worship groups. He attended Jacksonville State College and Belmont University in Nashville, graduating with a degree in music. Intent on pursuing a career in music, he began working as a session keyboard player with both secular and Christian artists.  In the early 2000s, Mote released a number of instrumental devotion albums before trying his hand at vocals on 2005’s There’s No Place That Love Can’t Reach and 2007’s Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory, with backing from his wife Kimberley and artists including Alison Krauss and the Isaacs. Mote is also active as a praise and worship leader in his home church.

Schmidt enlisted Gordon to sing the song, praying that it will be played all across the nation as a song of pride and thanks from a grateful nation to every fallen hero, veteran, wounded warrior, active service member of the armed forces and valiant men and women in uniform.

Stand For The Flag – Sung by Gordon Mote
Written by Gene Schmidt & Gary Forsythe
©2020 - Zamar Global Publishing (BMI) & CollisionPoint Publishing(ASCAP)
Produced by Gary Forsythe at CollisionPoint Studios - Spring Hill, TN.

Stand For The Flag CD

  • To order the "Stand For The Flag"  CD please send a check or money order for 15.00 to:

    Adoration Abode

    P.O. Box 780

    Watertown WI 53094

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